Rules of the Road


  1. The Wagonmaster/Rally Leader will usually establish the speed to be driven, but should adverse weather or road conditions exist, or the Section has fallen behind, or is too close to the preceding Section, Section Leaders will modify the speed to maintain at least a fifteen (15) minute spacing between sections, but in no event shall a legally posted speed limit be exceeded.
    • In congested areas or on single lane (one in either direction) roads, members must do their best to maintain 200-300 feet between caravan vehicles so that other traffic can pass, enter or exit the roadway safely. The Wagonmaster, Rally Leader or your Section Leader will direct you to close up when it is necessary or advisable to do so.  Always use due care and caution when executing traffic movements.
    • Do not lag excessively behind the unit in front of you. The added distance makes for a longer caravan and increases the difficulty for the Section Leader and the Shotgun to communicate.  When advisable to do so, the use of your cruise control will be helpful in maintaining the proper spacing between units.
  1. All units in a Caravan (while on the road a Rally is a Caravan) must have an exterior mounted antenna and an operational CB Radio set on Channel 13. A Wagonmaster, Rally Leader, or Section Leader may instruct the Caravan/Section to use another channel in the event of severe interference problems or when profane or abusive language is experienced.  With the exception of the Wagonmaster, Rally Leader, Section Leader, or Shotgun, all communications should be limited to members of our own Caravan or Rally.
  1. If you plan to leave your Section/Caravan temporarily (sightseeing, refueling, shopping, repairs, etc.) or you are terminating your participation, the Caravan Wagonmaster, Rally Leader or Section Leader must be notified prior to your departure. If you then desire to rejoin the Caravan or Rally you must request permission to do so from the Wagonmaster, Rally Leader or a Section Leader.  Members leaving Caravans or Rallies may have to pay for unused campsites and reservations or other incurred expenses over which the Wagonmaster or Rally Leader has no control.
  1. Should you develop mechanical problems or need to stop immediately you must advise the Section Leader or Shotgun by CB Radio or cell phone ASAP, turn on emergency flashers and pull off the road at the first available safe place, leaving enough space for the Shotgun to pull in behind your vehicle, if time and space permits. Your Shotgun will stop and assist you.  If traveling in Mexico, the entire Caravan will generally stop if road conditions permit.
  1. If your CB Radio becomes inoperable and you have a cell phone, alert your Section Leader. If you do not have a cell phone, continue on as your communication problem will soon become obvious.
  1. When departure times are given, please be at the assembly place not less than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure, as your Section Leader has a number of duties to perform before the Caravan moves out.
  1. Caravan or Rally members should remember to share in the transportation costs when riding with others. (If reimbursement is declined, perhaps a small gift may be appropriate.)
  1. Section Leaders will drive 55-60 miles per hour when conditions permit. Slightly higher speeds may be considered on Interstate Highways, but in no event, shall legally posted speed limits be exceeded.


(Revised 1/20/17)