Wagonmaster & Rally Leader

General Duties:


1. Plan your caravan, selecting dates, destinations, campgrounds, rest and refueling stops, and the number of RVs you wish to take: Include group activities such as potluck dinners, social hours, and any other activities that may be of general interest.  Reserve campsites and other facilities WELL IN ADVANCE, requesting written confirmation and request that sites be grouped as close together as possible.  Estimate total cost per participant, the deposit required, and when final payment is due.  Each participating RV must pay a non-refundable caravan fee in an amount set by the Board. Prior to departure, submit to the Caravan Director the caravan fees (payable by check to the ‘RV Club of SCW’), along with a copy of each participant’s Caravan Application, and a bound or jacketed copy of your Caravan Itinerary, as described below.

2. Prepare the itineray including the campground address, phone number, arrival and departure times/dates.  Prepare a list of particiapants, with their names, addresses, and phone numbers (include cell phones) along with a detailed trip itinerary with all routes specified so participants can reach your destination should they become separated from the caravan.  Allow sufficient time for for fuel, lunch, and rest stops, and perhaps site seeing opportunities. Select departure times, speed (may be delegated to Section Leaders), and length of stops so as to maintain a 20-30 minute interval between sections.  Prepare the caravan or rally structure, listing Section Leaders, Shotguns, RV travel order, etc.  Include section numbers, type and length of RV, and make/model of tow vehicle.

3.  Meet with the members of your caravan one or two weeks prior to departure to distribute the documents mentioned above, review trip activities, expected weather conditions and any special situations that may be encountered.  Meet with the Section Leaders and Shotguns to discuss travel speed, intervals between sections and any contingent plans.  Provide Sectin Leaders with numerical position numbers to be affixed to the rear of each rig or tow vehicle.  Be sure the Shotgun is equipped with emergency warning triangles and a “Channel 13” card.

4. Ensure that each participant on the caravan or rally has signed a release form on the bottom of the application and that you have received a copy of the RV Club’s “Wagonmaster or Rally Leader Appoitment” letter. Designate the CB channel (#13 unless special circumstances exist) and, if necessary, explain how to properly communicate.  Indicate the assembly area, usually east of the library, in the RH Johnson Recreation Center parking lot.  Comply with the posted traffic laws of each city ans state and encourage safety. Upon arrival at the campground you may be responsible for registration and assignment of sites, (depending upon the RV Park).

5. At the conclusion of the caravan, provide the Caravan Director with a written report of any suspensions or terminations of particiapants, as well as, any suggestions or observations that might be beneficlal to the next Wagonmaster or Rally Leader taking this same trip, or another with similar routing.  Include a financial report, accounting for all funds collected, expended or refunded.  Send a summarized expense report to each participant or couple, along with any refund due.

6.  Wagonmasters or Rally Leaders  must possess a good working knowledge of the “Rules of the Road” and the duties of both the Section Leader and Shotgun.

(Revised: 12/14)