General Duties:


1.  Occupies the last position in the Section and keeps the Section Leader informed of the status of the Section.

2.  Comes to the aid of any member of the Section and stays with the member until the trouble has been resolved, or other satisfactory arrangements have been made, or until released by the member.

3.  Warns the Section of passing vehicles on two-lane roads, and informs the Section Leader when a traffic sign or signal has been cleared; when the Section has completed an entry or exit of a freeway or limited access highway; after clearing or passing any obstructions, or after completing a route or lane change.

4.  Assists the Section Leader in monitoring the Section’s spacing and suggests changes as needed. This may require directing participants to close or open intervals between RVs, or perhaps asking the Section Leader to temporarily reduce speed.

5.  Reports any RV leaving the Section, and consults with the Section Leader regarding the appointment of a replacement should it be necessary for the Shotgun to leave the Section or be relieved.

6.  Perform all other duties requested by the Section Leader, or assigned by the Wagonmaster or Rally Leader.

7.  Must possess a working knowledge of the Rules of the Road, and should be familiar with the Section Leader’s duties.

8.  Represents the Section Leader in his/her absence and possesses that authority deemed necessary to perform the assigned duties of a Shotgun, as well as any other duties imposed or requested by the Section Leader, Wagonmaster or Rally Leader.

(Revised 12/14)