Board of Directors


Patti Borchardt


David Fauver

VP Administration

John Fried

VP Caravans

Sherrie Koehler


Florence Dickerson


Marcella Jones

Membership Director

Barbara Tuma

Entertainment Director

Dan Lothrop

Immediate Past President

Joe Tuma

Director at Large

Pat Lothrop

Director at Large

Richard Young

Director at Large

Support Staff

Susan Zimmerman

Wheel Prints Editor

Toni Viergutz

Facebook Administrator

Ad & Sally Adams

Hospitality – Caravan Meetings (AM)

Nadene Forsyth

50/50 Raffle Chair

Phyl Cipolla


Judy Nuest

Sunshine Chair

Dave & Shirley John

Hospitality – General Business Meetings (PM)

Pat Lothrop

50/50 Raffle Chair backup

Mark Basel & Gloria Fried

Content Manager (Webmaster)

Casey Portnoy

Merchandise Chair

All Members are Welcome to be Greeters


Club Bylaws