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How do we sign up for caravans or rallies? 

When a wagon master or rally leader approves a new caravan or rally, a sign-up sheet for that particular caravan or rally is placed on the tables adjacent to the lectern.  It will reflect the number of RV’s or persons that may participate.  If you are interested in a particular caravan or rally, clearly print your name, mobile phone number, and email address on the sign-up sheet.  Should you later decide not to participate for any reason, please remove or strike through your name ASAP.  Each sign-up sheet also will have space for a standby list of participants.  If you are interested, but the list is full, always put your name on a standby list as, based on past history, your chance of going is fair to excellent.

The wagon master or rally leader will contact each person on the list (standby list will also be called in the order signed, but only as needed) and if you are still interested, you will receive a Caravan – Rally Application (digital applications are available for download on buttons below).  Simply complete and return it to the appropriate wagon master or rally leader, along with your deposit, no later than the stated deadline.  Should you miss any payment deadline, you could be dropped from further consideration (wagon master’s and rally leader’s prerogative) and the first person on the standby list will then be advanced to the active list. 

 Note:  If you have an idea for a Caravan or Rally, give me (John Fried, 914-262-3957) a call and let’s put it together.  Remember there is lots of help available. 

If you have additional questions please contact John Fried directly

John Fried
Cell Phone: 914-262-3957

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Below are Buttons to download the clubs applications.  Pick the one you’re interested in and CLICK on the button.  Download the form, print, fill-out and hand in to the Wagonmaster for that Caravan – Rally or Event.  You can also receive an application directly from the Caravan – Rally or Event Wagonmaster.

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