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The President’s Report


By Nadene Forsyth, President

My input for this edition of the Wheel Prints is a combination of the President & Caravan VP reporting.
I just read through the comments I made for the March Wheel Prints and realize how much everything has changed. received an email from the Rec Center announcing that they will remain closed until May 3rd. That makes the decision I made earlier much easier – all RV Club Meetings will be cancelled until the fall. At this point in time our first meeting will be held on September 22nd. It will be a combination General Business/Caravan meeting. We are planning to attempt a telephonic Board of Directors meeting, but it remains to be seen how successful that will be. This will also be the last Wheel Prints until September. You will continue to get notifications via email so please keep an eye on your inbox. The Club’s contribution to the Valley View Community Food Bank was incredible. Thank you everyone who brought nonperishable food items. Thank you to Mary Claesson for delivering the food. (BTW: Mary volunteers at the Food Bank and stated that they are always in need of volunteers,) Our Club also gave the Food Bank $250 cash. Once we get back to our normal meeting schedule in the fall, we will plan to have another food drive.
Tonopah had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you to Tom & Janice Ohl, Clint & Toni Viergutz, and my dear husband Mike for all the hard work we put into getting this 10th and final Tonopah Rally.
Wagonmaster Training was cancelled but that too will be rescheduled in the fall.
Clint and Toni Viergutz had to cancel the Day at the Races at Turf Paradise, again because of the Coronavirus. They hope to do it again in the fall so please stand by for further announcements. They did such a good job at getting it organized and after having to cancel, getting everyone their refunds quickly.
Bob and Susan Martin decided that, under the current circumstances, it was best to cancel their trip to Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.
Warren and Dottie Sparks are going ahead with their plans for the Western Winter Blast in Lake Havasu City for February 8-15, 2021. Dottie explained (see her article herein) that she needs to get reservations locked in before April 1st before the price goes up $50. They need at least five more rigs to sign up by the end of the week or she will have to cancel. Warren and Dottie planned this same Rally that was held in February and all I hear was how everyone had a fabulous time. (See more information on page 4.)
As soon as I know when we can return to our normal schedule, I will certainly let you know. In the meantime, please be safe and stay healthy. Now is the perfect time to get that closet or garage cleaned out. Or read that book you always wanted to read but set aside. Or finish that project that you never seemed to have time for.
Mike and I miss seeing so many of you at our meetings. We belong to the best club in SCW and our members are definitely the best people in SCW. Take care everyone. See you in the fall.

Membership Report


By Debbie Edwards, Membership Director

There is no Membership Report available at this time. We currently have 267 members and that includes new member Val LaRoach (Social Member).


Entertainment Report


By Linda Sledd, Entertainment Director

Greetings SCW RV Club members! Well, isn’t this just “a fine how do you do”? Because of the virus scare…you all know that EVERYTHING has been cancelled. So our General Business Meeting/Potluck for April 7th will not take place. Not sure yet about May 2020, but in the past, most members have left SCW by then. So, my report for this month will be very short!!! Actually, there won’t be any Entertainment to tell you about. However, I saw this on Facebook and thought some of you would get a kick out of it…


That’s my contribution to the ever-growing TP shortage! It’s also the only Entertainment you’re going to get from me for a little while! Stay Healthy, Happy and at Home!

Sunshine Report

By Mary Claesson, Sunshine Chair
This past month cards were sent to:
  • Toni Viergutz – had eye surgery
  • The Family of Amy Christy-Wolfe upon her death
  • Walter Handy – a dear friend of Amy Christy-Wolfe
  • Dorothy Faucz – she got shingles
  • Mary McKelvey – dealing with a respiratory illness

Please contact Mary Claesson either by email or phone throughout the year if you know of any member, past or present, who is ill, having a challenging time in their life or passed away. When you notify Mary about a person who is no longer a club member but still deserves a card, please provide her with a current address.

Cell phone:   630-707-0879


Facebook Report

By Toni Viergutz, VP Administration

We now have 48 members on our Facebook page.  There hasn’t been much activity lately, but that could be because everyone is so busy with the holidays!  Hopefully, we will get some great pictures posted from the San Diego Rally!
Let’s make it a fun place to share photos, RV tips, RV questions and more!





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