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The President’s Report

By Dan Lothrop, President

            The president (prez) is your primary coordinator between the Recreation Centers of Sun City West (RCSCW) and the RV Club.  He/she provides an agenda to the members of the club’s Board of Directors (the board) prior to board meetings, then attempts to learn from them and keep discussions on track.  Board meetings are where less than 5% of the club’s most dedicated members work to keep 100% of the club’s members interested and active in club happenings. 

          The board works within RCSCW Charter Club guidelines outlined in RCSCW Bylaws.  From these Bylaws, the club writes Policy and Procedures that more succinctly spell out what we’re all about and how we go about our month-to-month, year-to-year activities. 

          For general membership meetings, the prez comes up with a (hopefully brief) agenda to pass on information he/she tried to learned at board meeting.  Basically, the prez introduces those in the know to tell us what’s upcoming, new and wonderful. 

          The Prez’s job is simplified immeasurably by all the expertise of caring, knowledgeable club members. 

          The most challenging part of being a board member is finding club members who care and are interested enough in what we do to help keep things going.  This is done by getting involved as a caravan/rally/event leader, club support staff or a board member. 

Please note : For 2023, both our Caravan and General Business Meetings will be held on TUESDAYS.  

General Business Meetings

  • 2023 General Business Meetings will be at 5:00 PM on Tuesdays –  1/10, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2, 10/3, 11/7, and 12/5. 
  • No meetings in June, July, August, and September 
  • Doors open at 5:00 PM for evening meetings.

Caravan Meetings 

  • 2023 Caravan meetings are on the fourth Tuesday in January through April and September through November. The December meeting is scheduled a week early on December 19th because of the Holidays.
  • Caravan Meetings are Tuesdays – 1/24, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, 9/26, 10/24, 11/28, and 12/19.
  • No meetings in May, June, July, and August
  • Doors open at 8:00 AM for morning meetings

Board Meetings for 2023

  • will be held in the Stampede Room of the Men’s Club on the First Monday in January through May and October through December. 
  • All members are invited to attend to learn about the club.  The room is small, so call Dan to let him know if you plan to come.
  • Meetings are on Monday – 1/9, 2/6, 3/6, 4/3, 5/1, 10/2, 11/6, and 12/4.
  • No meetings in June, July, August and September
  • Doors open at 8:30 AM for Board meetings.

As always, these dates are subject to change with little notice, so always check the latest Wheel Prints Newsletter on the Member Resources Tab, and be sure to check your email for important notices. 

Membership Report


By Marcella Jones, Membership Director

Join us!  Click the button to get a membership application.  Dues are $10 per year for each member.

We currently have 207 paid members, including 27 new members in 2023. Please take the time to get to know our new members and continue sharing adventures with all of our members.  If you have not renewed your membership for 2023, you will not receive future Wheel Prints in your email. Don’t miss out. It is too late to get your name in the roster but it is NOT to late to stay active with the best club in Sun City West.

Contact Marcella Jones if you need to renew, know someone who would like to join the club or have questions about club membership. Ask your neighbor that just parked their rig in front of their house if they would like to join you at the next meeting.

Please wear your badge to each meeting or event so we can get to know you by name. If you are a new member and don’t have one yet, please check the membership table the next time you come to a meeting. Also – 2023 payment indication is a green smiley face. If you paid your dues by mail, you will need to get a current sticker for your badge. Stop by the membership table to get your smile.

Just like our RVs – our members come in many shapes and sizes. Join the club, attend the meetings, be an active participant.

Paid members will be listed in the Membership Directory. You are entitled to one directory at no cost. If you want an extra, they are $5 each.

Entertainment Report

By Barbara Steinmetz, Entertainment Director

So many of you jump in to help wherever and whenever, plus give or send suggestions for entertainers and entertainment!!! It is appreciated!  Please keep up the good work!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Remember to check-in with your Rec Card at all RV Club Meetings and wear your name badges. These last two years have been so difficult for all of us!  Many of Sun City West clubs have lost members, or if not, have had a decline in attendance by their members. We look forward to the social time when attending our meetings! Many of us have missed the camaraderie of the RV Club potlucks where some choose to bring adult beverages.

Remember! our Next General Business/Pot Luck Meeting!!
✓ Tiesday,  May 2nd
✓ Doors Open at 5:00 pm
It’s great having live entertainment again! Let’s get back to “normal”!!   We are the best and most friendly club in SCW!!

Sunshine Report

 By Judy Nuest, Sunshine Chair

Please contact Judy Nuest either by email or phone throughout the year if you know of any member, past or present, who is ill, having a challenging time in their life or passed away. 
When you notify Judy about a person who is no longer a club member but still deserves a card, please provide her with a current address.

Email:                  or Cell phone:   817-914-5602

Facebook Report  

By Toni Viergutz, FB Administrator
If you are wondering if the Club has a Facebook group, the answer is YES … we do!!! 

Click here –  SCW RV Club Facebook Group   – or on the Facebook button to your left to view it!  

It’s a place to share Club related information and events, pictures of Caravans, Rallies or Events that we have attended, condensed minutes from the General Business meetings for those who are unable to attend, announcements, and much more!

It is a PRIVATE group and only those who are members of the group can see what is posted. In order to join the group, you will need to answer a couple of questions and be a paid-up member of the RV Club to be approved. This is a great way to keep up on Club happenings so please come and join us!!  


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