Monument Valley UT

Caravan Director’s Report


By John W Fried, VP Caravans

Caravan & Rally Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month at 8:00 am in the RH Johnson Social Hall. Check the Events Calendar page for exact date and times.

The primary goal of these meetings is to discuss the planned activities of the club and to encourage members to consider planning, organizing and leading caravans, rallies and club events. 

Also at the meetings, Wagonmasters and Rally leaders will present summaries of their completed activities and receive Wagonmaster and Rally Leader Awards.

Most of us have moved to SCW from other places all across the country. You have probably traveled to some interesting places and would love to share your experiences with your Club friends. There are tons of resources to plan a trip, be it a Caravan or Rally, including past Caravan and Rally itineraries, members’ experiences and just a keen interest about a certain location. There are many Club members who have led a trip and even more who have traveled with the Club. So, please don’t be shy about taking on a Caravan or Rally. You don’t have to do it alone. It will be fun and you will get to know your fellow Club members. Please contact me or any Board Member with your ideas.

General Announcements:
1. The board of directors decided that rally leaders and wagon masters must make all reasonable efforts to enable social members, without RVs, to participate in rallies and caravans.

Checkout the current caravan schedule In our latest Wheel Prints!

It provides the details for all scheduled caravans, rallies and special events.

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