Monument Valley UT

Caravan Director’s Report


By Janice Ohl, VP Caravans

Happy November! If you are like me, it is a struggle some days to find something to be happy about due to Covid
restrictions. However, when I feel blue, I try making plans for something to do. And living in Arizona makes it easy!
Most of you still have an RV, and there are an amazing number of places to take them in Arizona. There are about 35
Arizona State Parks and most of them have camping. You will find a list at On this site you will
find links to camping reservations, events, and the Off-Highway Vehicle Program. There are also about 35 Maricopa
County and Regional parks, many with camping. You will find information about them at  Many of the parks that are close to home, are also worth a drive to visit and explore.
Sometimes even a day trip can make you feel like you’ve been on a mini vacation!

As you probably know, the official Star Gazing event at Alamo Lake was cancelled this year, due to Covid. However,
Alamo Lake is still open for camping, and many of our members made reservations a year ago for the event. Twenty-four

RV Club members along with some members of The West Valley Astronomy Club (, decided to
keep their reservations, bring their own telescopes, and have an informal Star Party. I understand that the weather
cooperated and the stargazing was great. This group showed that we can still get out there, stay safe, and have a
good time!

RALLY IDEAS NEEDED: If you have an idea or would like to lead a rally, let me know. I’m sure that with precautions,
we can do so safely. Thank you!

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