Monument Valley UT

September 2018 Caravan Director’s Report

Well, summer is almost over, but you would never believe it with the temps still hovering near 110 deg. It is time to start looking ahead to the fall.

Mark your calendars because the next Caravan Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 25th. Please plan to attend if you are back in Sun City West. And PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO LEAD AN ADVENTURE.

Nadene and I hung around home this summer but we got away for a short time with a stay in Show Low AZ. As usual, with old RVs, or for that matter any RV, things are always going wrong. The electrical management system was not working and as a result our air conditioning only ran with the generator – NOISY!. I looked for a mobile repair service online and, as usual, the first call I made was too busy to be able to help us. The next mobile RV repair service was All Mountain RV Service & Supply. This company was fantastic! The service tech, Travis Douglas, and diagnosed the problem. He found the main circuit board had gone bad. He couldn’t replace it because it would have to be ordered and wouldn’t arrive before we planned to leave. When I asked him what I owed for the trouble he replied, “Well, I can’t fix your problem so there is no charge!” If you ever have a problem with your RV while in Show Low AZ please call them at 928-537-1147.

We only have one caravan planned for the future. The South Dakota caravan will be underway at this time. Clint and Toni Viergutz are leading a caravan to Yuma in February, 2019. We need members to step up and volunteer to lead a caravan or rally. There are tons of resources and plenty of help available.

The time for me as VP is coming to an end after nearly two years. If you have any interest in becoming the Caravan Director please volunteer. It’s a busy and very rewarding position. You get to know many members when you work with them as they plan their caravans and rallies.

V.P. / Caravan Director 
Mike Forsyth