Section Leader

General Duties:


1.  Must be familiar with routing, refueling, and rest stops designated by the Wagonmaster or Rally Leader.

2.  Distributes numerical position number cards to each member of the Section; a Channel 13 card to the Shotgun, and ensures that all cards are properly positioned.

3.  Issues traffic safety-warning triangles to Section Shotgun.

4.  Conducts a CB Radio check with all members of the Section prior to departure.

5.  Provides supervision to the Section, adhering to departure, travel, and arrival schedules, unless the safety of the Section requires a deviation, or a traffic detour is required. Rest and fuel stops may be changed to another location if circumstances require it.  Informs the Wagonmaster or Rally Leader of any changes made.

6.  Leads the Section, maintaining a proper interval between vehicles, at a safe speed for weather and road conditions and within the posted speed limit

7.  Occasionally checks for problems (via CB or cell phone) and warns Section as to traffic conditions, road hazards including children, animals and vehicles near the roadway, lane changes and approaching lane changes and turning maneuvers.

8.  Must have a working knowledge of the Section Leader’s and Shotgun’s duties and responsibilities, and should be acquainted with the duties of a Wagonmaster or Rally Leader.

9.  Must possess a working knowledge of the Rules of the Road, and be willing to enforce them.

10.  Performs all other duties requested by the Wagonmaster or Rally Leader.

11.  If the Section Leader has a cell phone, it remains on so that the Wagonmaster, Rally Leader or Shotgun can communicate if out of CB range.

12.  The Section Leader represent the Caravan Wagonmaster or Rally Leader in his/her absence and possesses the authority to perform the duties of a Section Leader, as well as any additional duties imposed or requested by the Wagonmaster / Rally Leader.

13.  Collects all issued number cards and equipment at the caravan’s termination point, returning same to the Wagonmaster or Rally leader.

(Revised 12/14)