Director’s Report

Monument Valley UT

Monument Valley UT

Summer 2018 Caravan Director’s Report

As always, sign-up sheets for future Caravans and Rallies were made available to members for their consideration. A revised Caravan schedule was passed out at the start of the meeting for membership to review. The attendance was high with approximately 106 in attendance. However, I feel sign-up response could have been much better. More Wagonmaster and Rally Leaders need to come forward. So many trips could be planned but there seems to be such little interest in being a leader.

Dick and Nancy Swortzel were awarded their revised Wagonmaster Plaque for a great caravan they led to Tucson. Dick passed out the awards for Group Leaders and Shotguns.

There is a Caravan to Yuma that Clint and Toni Vierguitz are planning for spring 2019. Bill and Suzy Lane dropped out leading the Rally to Canyon De Chelly and the Petrified Forest due to lack of participation. Finally, the RushNoMore Caravan to South Dakota is progressing with John and Gloria Fried.

For the April Caravan Meeting Champ, from Champs Family Automotive, had a presentation at the meeting to explain their business capability. They thanked the RV club for contributing to their business growth. They gave the club a $25 gift card that was given during the 50/50 drawings. Dick and Nancy Swortzel were the lucky winners. No other guest presenters will be scheduled until fall.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall for activities that will interest us all.

Have a cool summer…

V.P. / Caravan Director Mike Forsyth