Director’s Report

Monument Valley UT

Monument Valley UT

March 2018 Caravan Director’s Report

Sign-up sheets for future Caravans and Rallies will be made available to members for their consideration. A revised Caravan Schedule will be passed out at the start of the February 27th meeting for membership to review. The new Caravan and Rally Leaders for upcoming events will give a brief description of their progress.

At our Caravan Meeting on February 27th, we were pleased to have S&S Tires. Jim, the owner, made a great presentation to the group about proper tire practices for RV’s. There was great interaction with the members who had a lot of well answered questions. The Club is lucky to have such great advertising partners in our Membership Directory.

As a follow up to a previous Caravan Meeting on the subject of proper travel practices, I prepared a handout for all present at the meeting. The subject included Caravan travel speed and routing. The idea is to make it easy for caravan groups. It was brought to my attention during caravan travels that some members have a difficult time maintaining speeds and intervals within a section. As I have previously stated in other reports, the “Rules of the Road” makes mention of maintaining reasonable speeds and proper intervals. I believe members need to follow the rules and if they cannot, should request temporarily leaving the section and meet at the end destination. I am aware that members are going to disagree with routing, speed or whatever. The goal is to have a good and safe time. An individual shouldn’t lose sight of this and should consider the whole group. There are different mechanical issues with caravanning. I know that Diesel pushers like mine have speed and rpm issues unique to them. Pulling a trailer probably requires other considerations. The point is to have a better look ahead for caravanning and have a discussion of issues with the Section Leaders and Wagonmasters. It makes better sense to agree before you disagree on the road.

I will be holding a Wagonmaster/Rally Leader training session immediately following the meeting on Tuesday, March 27th. I suggest that you attend the session if you are considering leading a caravan or rally in the near future.

V.P. / Caravan Director Mike Forsyth